Welcome to our School

School Aim – St David CE Primary School aims to provide a warm, caring and happy environment based on Christian faith, where each child is respected as an individual with personal, intellectual, physical and emotional needs and talents. Within this environment each child is given equal value and opportunities and is positively encouraged to reach their full potential, grow in confidence and develop high self esteem so as to respond positively to opportunities, experiences and responsibilities of life in an ever changing world.

Values and Philosophy – St David’s school values are firmly based on the Christian Faith. Everyone in the school therefore works to provide an emotionally warm, caring and happy environment, in which all people in the school know they are valued, welcome and helped to realise their capabilities.

Since lifelong success depends in part on learning to make responsible choices, we have developed classroom plans, which guide every person to make good decisions about his or her behaviour.

Please support the Friends of St Davids

The Friends of St Davids is a charity fund raising committee run by parents of children in the school and some of the staff. It helps provide all those little extras that help to enhance the children’s lives in school.

Please click on logo below to register to join the scheme, and on behalf of the school Thank You for your support.